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Soldiers! don’t give yourselves to brutes men who despise you — enslave you — who regiment your lives — tell you what to do — what to think and what to feel! Who drill you — diet you — treat you like cattle, use you as cannon fodder. Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men — machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men!” — Charlie Chaplin

This beautiful yet heroic and passionate piece of literature comes from Charlie Chaplin’s final speech “The Great Dictator”. In this speech, Charlie talks about Not Giving over yourself to people who do not have your interest in mind. Well, I retract that statement with your interest in mind.

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These days we see true Machinemen. I doubt that Charlie would have ever thought an actual machine man would be born. look around you… earpieces in our ears clogging our natural orifices blasting artificial noise into our minds. Frequencies that are proven to change mood and thinking processes replace organic salt. the other day I was sitting in a car enjoying a meal and some coffee when I spotted a worker coming back from break returning from the parking lot (where I was in).

He got out of his car and seemed to catch my eye as I caught his, and for a moment he did not smile nor wave nor any friendly gesture… he did what you would do if you caught someone staring at you.

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He pulled out his phone and an awkward attempt to normalize the situation. this is what we’re becoming… these anti-social machines with the inability to coerce with one another anymore. Somewhere in our time, the public” or commonwealth was placed in deep that dictated what they felt and what they thought without a singular original organic thought of their own to back up this “feeling”.

you can see this in the news, media such as movies and films, and even in music. It all dictates the way that you see the world. And these know it.

I find it funny… that we as people… as a collective society, who have many groups formed within it, many different subcultures, and even cults couldn’t quite possibly fathom the idea that powerful men and women control this world secretly behind closed doors. No! That would be a conspiracy right? I shall explain…

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…If Grandma I’m going to have a book club with 52 members in it all consisting of all elderly women and Grandpa can have a fishing club with a hundred members, even little Steven as a video game clan with 500 active members in it. Is it so mind-racking to archive the idea that powerful people would never have one? Big companies would never have one? Oil tycoons and Tech Giants? Richmen and Wall Street wolves? You see it’s these sorts of titles that we give ourselves that help us easily group with one another. And we want to retain our special interest. Titles make it easier to classify and categorize things we want and don’t want. We are titles as people so given that…

Grandma wants to only have that is the purpose of her book club. Grandpa only wants seasoned fishermen who know what they’re doing out there in the waters. Steven only wants Gamers who are good at the game so they wouldn’t slow the team down. All of these selfish wants from the individual are actually noble for the group and help it maintain its value.

So why wouldn’t the real , as George Carlin, puts it band together? Is that too hard to really fathom? Has the hypnosis truly made you that dense of an individual that you couldn’t possibly think about it or amuse the thought? We all have our red pill moments as the internet has coined it. Long ago there was no real red pill moment, it was a time where man would actually fathom different possibilities and ideas with open minds and challenge them in public discourse does this no longer exist anymore?

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The “philosophers” nowadays seem to not consider different ideas, however, when attacked they spring the notion that their ideas are better and you deserve the barring of some socially irredeemable title. You would ask why this is? Well, we have been molded this way for quite some time now. Free thinking has been destroyed and imprisoned consecutively over the last 10 years.

I only woke up and broke my hypnosis 1 year ago, however many of our brothers and sister are still asleep. And mother likes that. I say mother because we are reversing the roles of a tyrannical masculine Society to a tyrannical feminine Society. There is no longer Big Brother there’s only a mother. Big brother is sent to his room for punishment as well as all the old fads of the past.

So this textual literature is meant to speak to you who are asleep if you can even bring forth the patience and attention span needed to concentrate on this doctrine.

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They say we live in the age of information. I don’t think that’s true. We live in the age of the individual. it’s so funny that a source, a group, or person or place such a hypnotic State on the mind that it actually well maintenance itself in the way that fat Source wants it to after its first initial programming.

The simulation that we call this world, is made up of different stimulants that you see every day that control your thinking to want and desire what the stimulant is. I’ll give you an example a variable in this situation will be chocolate bars. The stimulant used to make you want a chocolate bar is you just saying the words chocolate bar, your computer will pick up on that and start advertising chocolate bars to you. This isn’t sci-fi because people talk to their computers all the time.

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The variable in this situation was created by the chocolate bar company owners who struck a deal with the advertisement agencies to have their chocolate bar or chocolate bars come up whenever the name is spoken or whenever a hot word such as The algorithm works when you mention you will receive this is only one part of your simulation you are no longer thinking for yourself rather you are thinking what was put into your mind subconsciously you now want a chocolate bar.

They say if you say things three times over it was sticking to your mind or someone else’s. These are obvious advertising techniques that’s why Jingles are three times over most of the time at least.

Another example to put your mind in where it should be thinking is that…

…The idea that politics have allowed you to abandon your loved ones fight with your spouse, and even disown friends and family because that’s how strong of hypnosis they have on you.

Think about it the daily papers back in the colonial periods and then onward we’re about selling you propaganda from whatever side you were on. It was very rare papers actually broadcast truthful journalism in it (even back then). Because journalism is written by man and man can be bought.

The news in our world simulation became as holy as the Bible itself somewhere along with our vast descent into dystopia. That’s where the phrase “the state is my religion comes from” media has actually succeeded in tricking you to think and believe that fighting puppets on a stage represent holiness and satanical values depending on who is blue and who is red (and where you get your news). Ever realize how the news networks all say the same thing? Use the same phrases and even word choices? Look out for that.

The media is not to blame for that itself. It had good intentions long ago before corporates decided how powerful it was and took control of it. There’s a quote by Adolf Hitler that I can no longer find where he talks about controlling the media. and if one is to obtain control of the biggest Network of programming and you can manipulate and even hypnotize thousands by the minute.

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I’ll give you an example, war of Worlds premiered back on October 30, 1938, It was a scripted broadcast of an alien sffy literature to be played over the radio. It featured an oncoming Alien Invasion that was so realistic that it had people actually believe in without even seeing an alien in the sky that the world was being attacked. Could you imagine the power that a greedy man would see and such hysteria? Personally, if I what’s a huge company I want my influence to be broadcast positively over the radio at that time.

The radio evolved into the TV more or less and the same happens now War of the Worlds is played over and over again and there are no aliens and yet we as a common man believe what the screen tells us and not what’s in front of our very eyes.

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We’ve convinced ourselves to put foreign substances that have not been tested or researched fairly enough into our own bodies. And we’ve allowed them to force us to have it because we’re sheep and we somehow a long history lost our Basic Instincts and learned to trust the wolves.

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nowadays everything is considered to be a state of surveillance. Thanks to Edward Snowden a young man who broke the news that people speculated as a conspiracy for years has the idea that you were being listened to and watch through your computer phones and other technologies. But again that was considered a conspiracy at the time that proved to be true because of one man’s sacrifice. They even went as far as to call him a Russian-inspired terrorist.

Remember again how I told you they will give you names that are irredeemable and socially destructive to discredit you. Snowden is now regarded as a hero among people and not the higher-ups for he has yet to be pardoned for a crime that has happened two years and years ago.You must be careful when immediately blasting something is conspiracy just because it’s unfathomable because you never know how much of a fool you look like in 10 to 20 years.

The idea that we are Machinemen comes from the simple need for Machinery. We are transhuman at this point meaning that we are infused with machines and biotics. There was a time where you could go and do things without a cell phone now it’s required you must have it or you’ll fall down the ladder of the social progression system. You must have a laptop to create a resume a car to get places, and so on and so on. are you useless in society if you do not have a car or any sort of technology?

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we’ve effectively placed ourselves into a learned helplessness position where machines are above us and always will be at this rate. Our Consciousness is uploaded on computers every thought every picture every event is recorded by a computer whether a phone or camera. Instagram Facebook and Twitter are new levels of consciousness that we’ve injected ourselves into and they have become Norms. From preachers to pastors, to kids, tp lawmakers, congressmen, to Presidents, everyone is uploaded into the system.

With that happening, we can easily be killed, by just being erased from the internet. Who gets to do this? I would probably be asked that question by someone back in the sixties who’d have no idea what I’m talking about; they’d call me a conspiracy theorist back then. But you and I both know the truth.

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The suppression of information whether the information is true or false as never been more open and accepted. The destruction of information and the deletion of it it’s the same as book-burning was long ago in our history it’s wrong. But as long as you allow it this is your Society after all I just take a step back and watch you all because no matter what you do you can’t wake people up.

They are comfortable with being asleep and they enjoy being asleep I can’t fathom the idea of waking up because it’s uncomfortable but deep down inside subconsciously I feel that they know something is off and something is very wrong but blinded by all the little different Candy bar stimulants They won’t allow themselves to look further.

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Any decent person should understand that when a tech company is able to silence the words of a President whether or not what he says is wrong or right we have a problem. However again identity politics comes in and tells you that everything is fine we’re just doing this for your protection. As if the Commonwealth people are Mindless idiots. Which they might be if they allow that excuse to prevail.

What does suppression of information the suppression of people begins, and it’s already begun? People don’t know how to act like people anymore, I’ve become so robotic in the way that they act and even think. No longer are they considering different outcomes and possibilities rather following a carefully constructed programming to respond with.

We’re going to get to a point where AI, artificial intelligence is going to be the new Norm. and we’ll have to teach them how to be human in a way and how to think human. but as the blind cannot lead the blind a robot cannot lie. Another robot.

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